Peshtigo School District's Community Conversation



The purpose of this event is to actively engage our community to develop a clear, shared vision that will assist the school district to address the evolving needs of our students for a changing tomorrow.

The outcomes of this event are to

  1. Give a voice to our community on their vision for the school district.

  2. Identify the issues and trends that shape and affect our community.

  3. Create and strengthen the connections between the community and the school district.

  4. Identify attributes of our graduates so they are career and/or college. ready and are prepared to contribute to the world in which they live.

  5. Identify opportunities that the community has to serve our children.

Contact Information:

Patrick Rau
[email protected]
(715) 582-3677 ext. 1010

Betsy Wickman
[email protected]
(715) 582-3677 ext. 1030


What’s Next?

CONNECT happened and the response from the community was fantastic!  There is a lot to do since our first community conversation in November, 2019. This page is one source of information of what has happened and what is the plan moving forward.  Please stay up to date by following our Facebook posts and by reading our District Newsletters and the Peshtigo Times. 

Outcomes from CONNECT: 

The following documents contain a summary of the outcomes of specific activities over the three day conversation.  These outcomes were generated by those in attendance through their discussions. The purpose was to identify the strengths, challenges, and attributes the Peshtigo Community has to account for when educating its children.  

Determining the Issues and Trends of the Peshtigo Community

Issues and Trends 

Identifying What Stakeholders are Glad, Sad, and Mad About

Glads, Sads, and Mads

Describing the Attributes of a Peshtigo Graduate Needed to Succeed

Graduate Attributes

Vision 2033

The attendees were then asked to create their vision for the graduating Class of 2033.  Click the links for a sampling of what was shared: CONNECT 2019 - A Vision for 2033: Vision #1, Vision #2, Vision #3

Determining the Priorities for 2033


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