Peshtigo Facilities Update

Community Facility Priorities

In order to continue providing exceptional educational experiences for all students, the Peshtigo School District Board of Education analyzed multiple solutions to address current facility concerns facing the District. Based on community feedback, the following priorities were determined when reviewing facility solutions:

  • Create pathways and partnerships for specialized courses including technical education, life skills, flexible learning spaces, agriculture programming;
  • Address facilities needed for these programs;
  •  Provide community access, performance areas, green space and gyms; Expand and reconfigure space to meet modern programming needs.

Learn more about the Community Priorities here. 

Failed: 2021 Referendum Questions

In January 2021 the Peshtigo School District Board of Education approved two referendum questions for the April 2021 ballot to address necessary building repairs and renovations at the Peshtigo Middle/High School. 

The first question asked District voters to approve spending $33.2 million to expand and fully remodel the existing Peshtigo Middle/High School Building, which serves students in 7th through 12th grade.

The second question asked voters to spend $1.825 million to develop the property west of Peshtigo Elementary School to support the District’s physical education, athletic and extracurricular needs as well as provide green space for community use.

Referendum 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

View 2021 Proposed Project Plans

On April 6, 2021, voters did not approve either Capital Referendum question. By a vote of 894 to 907 Question 1 request failed to pass. By a vote of 796 to 997, Question 2 also failed.

Next Steps

The Board of Education will continue to focus on the educational needs of the students and the operational needs of the current building remain. The District remains committed to finding a solution that addresses significant facilities issues, provides the educational programming space that our students need and which the community supports. 
Informational Videos:

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