Peshtigo High School Alumni Scholarship Fund

A new scholarship fund is being established through the initial efforts of George Ochs and Jack May, graduates of Peshtigo High School, “Class of 1964.” George and Jack, along with the Peshtigo School District, invite able alumni, and other interested individuals to contribute to this scholarship fund that is targeted to provide financially challenged graduates with opportunities to attend public four- year universities within the University of Wisconsin system. Such students, without scholarship support, may never have the means to receive the education required to achieve their dreams and aspirations. 

Mr. Ochs and Mr. May noted that they’ve personally “benefited immensely from all that Peshtigo had to offer.” As a result, it is now their desire to “give back” to the community in which they were raised. 

The money-raising objective of this particular scholarship fund is not to generate huge one-time sums from a small handful of individuals. The idea is to reach out to all alumni and create a wide level of support across all Peshtigo High School alumni. Any individual contributions, regardless of amount, will collectively accumulate to significantly benefit PHS graduates. All contribution amounts will be held in strict confidence. 

Any questions regarding this scholarship fund may be directed to: Mr. Patrick Rau, District Administrator at (715) 582-3677, ext. 1010

Individuals wishing to contribute to this scholarship fund may submit a personal check to Peshtigo School District, Re: PHS Alumni Scholarship Fund.  Mail checks to: Mr. Patrick Rau, District Administrator, 341 N. Emery Avenue, Peshtigo, WI 54157