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The Peshtigo School District’s Board of Education has the responsibility to assure that an appropriate and free public education is available to the communities served by the School District. A portion of that responsibility involves ensuring that facilities are safe, well maintained, and importantly, provide space and equipment to educate today’s learners.

In a recent community event, called ReConnect, facilities ranked number one priority of the community, staff and parents who attended.

The District has hired Performance Services, Inc (PSI) to guide its work in assessing current facilities and to develop plans that reach the community’s vision for facilities that provide modern learning experiences. Further, the Board of Education and administration are committed to hearing the facilities and educational program priorities of the community and incorporating those priorities into any plan brought forward to the public.

Listening to the Community

To hear from the public, the following activities have taken place:

Community Listening Sessions with area residents.  July, 2020
- Focus Group Summary

Connect - November 2019  
Priorities - Vision 2033
Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum
- Facilities
- Collaborative Partnership
- Programming Study
ReConnect - October 6, 2020
- ReConnect Summary

As a follow-up to a community event called “Connect” where over 150 people gathered to develop a clear, shared vision that will assist the school district to address the evolving needs of our students for students. During both sessions, facilities was a high priority of both groups, and during ReConnect facilities was the top priority. Visit the Connect page for more information.

Facilities/Programming Study:
The district is facing critical, essential facilities needs as is identified in this facilities study. Equally important however is that any solution addresses the learning needs of students. Architects from PSI, Inc met with community members to listen to the educational programming needs and will report their results to the Board of Education on October 26, 2020.

- View Board report from PSI.

Facilities Advisory Committee To provide meaningful input to the Peshtigo Board of Education as the Board analyzes potential solutions for facilities issues facing the District, the District seeks membership for the Facilities Advisory Committee.
Ideally, the committee should represent various stakeholders, including parents, business leaders, staff members, members of the community at large, and civic leaders.
The meeting dates are October 29; November 12, November 19, December 3 6-7:30 p.m.
Please see the flyer.
For more information please contact: 

Patrick Rau, Superintendent 

[email protected]

715.582.3677 ext 1010